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Welcome to Al Qasim Pakistan (along with Mukhtar Enterprises Pakistan),  your gateway to excellence in healthcare and wellness. As one of Pakistan’s most trusted suppliers and distributors, we take immense pride in providing a wide spectrum of essential products, including pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, nutritional offerings, food supplements, and lifestyle essential

At Al Qasim and  Mukhtar, we are driven by a  dedication to enhancing the health and well-being of our nation. Our commitment extends to serving both government institutions and private hospitals, with seamless tender and bulk supplies of pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, and dietary supplements. In addition, we are the preferred source for renowned superstores and leading pharmacies


At Al Qasim, we are on a mission to deliver life-saving solutions and elevate the standards of healthcare in Pakistan. Guided by our unwavering commitment to ‘Providing life savers,’ we’ve committed to the introduction of top-quality international products and brands into the local market. We firmly believe in making superior quality products accessible to the people of Pakistan. Our dedication to ‘Providing life savers’ extends to the realm of food supplements, nutrition, and superfood products 


Al Qasim’s vision is to redefine excellence in healthcare representation and distribution services, connecting global medical, nutrition, and food manufacturers with the diverse needs of Pakistan. We are committed to fostering singular relationships and streamlined distribution channels to offer unparalleled access to the finest products. We strive to be the trusted bridge between our valued clients and top-class products, ensuring that every item we deliver is manufactured by reputable world-class companies that adhere to the highest global standards

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The company is built on deeply embedded values

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Pakistan's premier importer

Defining excellence in pharmaceutical imports and beyond. We are focused on introducing world-class products in our local market

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At Al Qasim, we source and deliver high-quality products, from renowned international manufacturers, adhering to the highest global standards


Our extensive distribution network ensures that our products reach every corner of Pakistan. We specialize in seamless and reliable distribution to our customers


Our seasoned professionals offer tailored solutions to meet your diverse needs. Whether you seek regulatory guidance, market insights, or strategic planning


Safe, secure, and efficient – our state-of-the-art storage facilities are designed to meet the highest standards

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Al Qasim Enterprises is one of Pakistan’s most trusted supplier and distributor of pharmaceutical, surgical, nutritional products, food supplements and lifestyle products range.

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